Strategically aligned
with UAE Government

Led by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE government entities are fully committed to the goals of TA’ZIZ and supporting a competitive and dynamic environment to enable TA’ZIZ investors to thrive.

The mandate of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology is to increase the contribution to national GDP of the industrial sector, supporting the continued diversification of the economy and creating sustainable, high-skilled jobs for future generations of UAE nationals.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has launched a roadmap for the UAE to prosper in the new world economy – through catalyzing tech-enabled and knowledge-driven development. Under the banner, ‘Make it in the Emirates’, the Ministry will incentivize strategic industries to bolster national resilience and industrial self-sufficiency. It will empower growth in sectors where the UAE already enjoys a competitive advantage, such as metals, chemicals and plastics.

Moreover, the UAE will play a more active role in industries expected to deliver significant future growth, such as hydrogen power, ‘medi-tech’ and space technology. Working hand in hand with Federal and local stakeholders and the private sector, the Ministry will drive a comprehensive national program for sustainable economic development that charts a course to reinforce the national economy and move towards a more sustainable future.