Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of TA’ZIZ is to boost the UAE’s industrial competitiveness, enhancing local content, stretching the value of every barrel, driving economic diversification and value creation, which is aligned with the strategic goals of the UAE government.

The purpose of TA’ZIZ is to deliver value – to the United Arab Emirates, to the workforce and to investors.

Within TA’ZIZ’s Industrial Chemicals Zone, ADNOC and ADQ have created an investment platform to fund and oversee the development of world-scale chemicals production.

Following a detailed feasibility study, TA’ZIZ is developing projects to manufacture a number of chemicals at a global scale, with opportunities for additional investors and partners to participate.

Total investment in these projects could be in excess of USD $3 billion (11 billion AED), with most of the chemicals produced in the UAE for the first time. A USD $2 billion industrial ecosystem is under development to support these investments.

Projects identified for initial TA’ZIZ investment:

Anchor Project End Uses
Ammonia Agriculture, Clothing, Energy
Chlor-Alkali Water Treatment, Metallurgy, Textiles
Ethylene Dichloride Housing, Infrastructure, Consumer Goods
Methanol Energy, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals
Elastomers Automobiles, Adhesives, Food Production and Storage
Isopropyl Alcohol Healthcare, Cosmetics
Maleic Anhydride Piping, Construction, Heavy Transport

Led by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE government entities are fully committed to the goals of TA’ZIZ and supporting a competitive and dynamic environment to enable TA’ZIZ investors to thrive.

TA’ZIZ is open to approaches from potential investors and partners for this first phase of investment and future phases of growth. For more information please use the Contact Us page.