Ruwais is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is centrally located at a crossroads between East and West, making it a crucial link that connects the world and is a gateway to the world’s fastest growing economies in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Asia.

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  1. Ruwais City
  2. ADNOC Onshore - Jebel Dhanna
  3. New Refinery
  4. ADNOC Refining
  5. ADNOC Gas Processing
  6. Fertil
  7. Borouge
  8. TA’ZIZ Industrial Chemicals Zone
  9. TA’ZIZ Light Industrial Zone
    TA’ZIZ Industrial Services Zone

ADNOC’s Downstream & Industry strategy is strengthening Ruwais as a world-scale, globally competitive integrated site through investments that include the creation of the dedicated TA’ZIZ site, close to the Ruwais Industrial Complex.

Ruwais Industrial Complex and TA’ZIZ covers a 85 square kilometer site, larger than Manhattan Island, making it among the top 10 largest industrial zones in the world. The industrial complex includes the world’s fourth-largest refinery, amongst the world’s largest integrated polyolefin complexes and world-scale petrochemical and processing facilities.

The complex also enjoys secure access to abundant, high-quality and competitive feedstock, world-class scalable land and marine infrastructure, advantaged logistics, state-of-the-art machinery, a highly experienced international managerial force and other shared services at a total cost of well over USD $2 billion (7 billion AED).

Set for a 2025 completion date, TA’ZIZ will act as a catalyst for the next stage of industrial transformation as partners invest in and produce new products and solutions from the diverse range of feedstocks available.

In addition to its strategic location, a management company is already being created to ensure ease of doing business for investors, including facilitating ease of contact with service providers, as well as with Government agencies, further adding to the attractiveness of Ruwais. TA’ZIZ will also utilize advanced technologies that strengthen its technology and advanced manufacturing profile.

With secure sources of low-cost energy, world-class infrastructure, flexible labor markets and a high quality of life, Ruwais presents a compelling value proposition.